• NMFS publishes draft regulations

    The National Marine Fishery Service published draft regulations on seabird avoidance for the U.S. West Coast longline fishery on September 9th, 2014.  There will be a 30 day comment period, ending on October 9th, 2014.

    Click on the photo (right) or the button (below) for more information on the proposed rules and how to provide comments.


    NMFS publishes draft regulations
  • Collaborative Research

    Scientists at Washington Sea Grant and Oregon State University are working with the fishing industry to develop effective, practical tools to reduce the mortality of albatrosses and other seabirds in the West Coast’s longline sablefish fishery. The primary goal of this research is to adapt seabird-avoidance techniques that have proven effective in Alaskan longline fisheries to the various longline gear configurations used by the West Coast fishery.

    Collaborative Research
  • We need your help

    New limits are in place on the number of albatrosses that can be taken in the West Coast groundfish fisheries, and new streamer line requirements are coming on line in 2014 for larger vessels catching groundfish with longline gear. We need your help to put together a research program with industry to find practical and effective ways to prevent albatross deaths in these longline fisheries, especially for smaller vessels in the fleet.

    We need your help
  • Albatrosses of the North Pacific

    Learn how to identify the three North Pacific albatrosses, and how to tell the endangered short-tailed albatross apart from the others.

    Albatrosses of the North Pacific